Blue Max Water offers maintenance services to third party water filter and purifiers. Keep them running at maximum efficiency with regular maintenance.

Maintenance Improves Lives

Like a vehicle, regular maintenance is required to ensure that all parts are operating within acceptable levels. Our water filters and water purifiers require the same tender loving care, in order for them to continue delivering clean water at optimum levels.

Blue Max Water Service Maintenance Deliver Them

Delivering Them From Death

Without regular maintenance, our water filters will succumb to physical deterioration over time. Left untreated, they will go the way of the earth, and not before long, the need may arise to purchase a new filter.

We Service Third Party Water Filters And Purifiers

Blue Max Water provides water filter and water purifier maintenance to any third parties products at reasonable rates. You may let go of that expensive plan holding you back from saving more with our services. Feel free to contact us for any maintenance services.

Blue Max Water Service Maintenance Third Party Filters
Blue Max Water Service Maintenance Trapped Bacteria

Dangers Of Trapped Bacteria

Bacteria trapped within the water filter due to filtration process will multiply over time, and they can cause illnesses if maintenance is not performed in time.

Qualified Technicians

Our staff with over 20+ years of experience is equipped with a vast knowledge in the art of water filter and water purifier maintenance. They can perform diagnostics and recommend solutions that are affordable and does not break the bank.

Blue Max Water Service Maintenance Qualified Technician