20+ Years Experience

Our team strives to provide Fast, Excellent, Reliable, Honest and Friendly service from order to delivery. We want our customers to be happy and satisfied with our solutions.


The Team


Max Tan

20+ Years Experience


Ms Lau

20+ Years Experience



20+ Years Experience



20+ Years Experience

Our team with over 20+ years of experience in the water industry is ever willing to serve you. Each of us are well groomed in different aspects of the business, and our combined efforts provide a solid foundation to ensure smooth running of operations. Our team motto is to satisfy our customers with excellent service, full communication, superb support and total honesty. There is something new to learn everyday, and we are grateful to bring meaning into our customers lives by with water products and services that optimizes our customers wellbeing.

Bridge Builders

At Blue Max Waters, our team envisions relationships to be of utmost importance. We want to build bridges across our customers and be the hub on which the Malaysian community will rely on for their water solution needs.


Safe Handling

Our logistics team handle every product with great care. From storage to shipping, they make sure both warehouse and delivery environments are well maintained to keep products in optimum conditions.

Get To Know Our Team


Max Tan

The Manager

Max Tan has over 20+ years as a manager helming the ship in the water industry. He was involved at every interval of the supply chain from order to delivery. Besides hands on industry experience, Max has deep understanding of water certification as he has been working with the Ministry of Health the start of his career. Realizing his vision for quality and clean water in every premise, Max welcomes enquiries from the public, promises to find a solution to water woes plaguing the masses.

Ms Lau

The Admin

Ms Lau is no new comer to the industry. She is the heart of every order requests, enquiry, and support. Ms Lau has served in the water industry as an admin on the operational side for well over 20 years and still counting. Being one of the core backbone of the team, she wakes up early and attends to every tasks on the table without fail. With a smile on her face, she would say, “Clean water is a gift, a gift that every Malaysian should be entitled to.”



The Logistics

“Never miss a beat !”. That is Khairul’s daily motto. Logistics covers an amazing spectrum of the business, and it is another core pillar of the business. To arrive at every doorstep is one thing, to arrive on time is another thing. But the greatest of them all is to arrive at every doorstep in time, with room to provide more. Khairul has been in this business for more than 20 years. Today, he is still determined to provide excellent delivery services.


The Maintenance

Just as a car cannot sustain without maintenance, the same applies for business assets that are always on the run around the clock. Jaafar always says, “Efficiency is medicine to a business success.”. Without maintenance, the show cannot lasts forever. Jaafar is another vital member of the team, and all technologies are under his care. Ensuring business operations proceed without hindrance is key to ensuring that every Malaysian receives their products within expectations.


Happy To Serve

We are happy to serve, and we will serve. In line to see quality and safe water at every premises, our team works hard to deliver solutions that meet your need without all the frills and fuss.


Only The Best For Our Customers

Quality water is a vital aspect of life. Though water may be abundant, nonetheless compromised water is dangerous. Let us handle the worrying, and we promise that our team will deliver water solutions that brings peace to your premises.